Crates and Skates

Knightmoves introduces it’s security Crates and Skates! The stackable lockable secure crates replace environmentally unfriendly & unsecure cardboard cartons.

Crates are supplied to all staff members in which to pack files, folders and the contents of their offices & workstations. Crates have the following features:

  • No need to assemble boxes and worry about tape
  • Numbered security tags seal the crate and provide a security seal
  • Crate has a built in rim to suspend hanging files. Filing cabinet packing and unpacking becomes a breeze
  • Easy to use hardwearing interlocking lid
  • Stackable and collapse proof
  • Crates are placed on skates, which eliminates heavy lifting from the workplace
  • Skates have a braking mechanism to prevent slides
  • Skates are made with anti-mark wheels